Consultant Service

• Eco Design
Providing product re-search, design concept development, inspect and analyze all processes in a supply chain from sourc-ing materials, production, packaging, distribution, usage to disposal to make a product eco-friendly from cradle to the grave. We also provide a complete service of con-sulting and registration for eco industrial standard, such as Green label, Carbon label, etc.
• Eco Communicate
Design Consult
Providing public com-munication consulting and execution for orga-nizations or events with eco concern context with the right method to the right target audience.
• Workshop & Training
Providing eco workshop and training consulting and execution for orga-nizations or marketing activities to deliver eco concern concept and knowledge to target audience.

Eco Design Service

• Product &
Packaging Design
Providing eco concern product and packaging design service.
• Communication &
Graphic Design
Providing communication graphic design service from content generating, print graphic design, info graphic, motion graphic, animation to video clip.
• Marketing
Campaign Design
Providing eco concern marketing concept and marketing tools develop-ment service, including marketing events, below the line activities, eco-friendly promotional gift and more to create a strong eco concern image for organizations and brands.

Our Methodology

• Research & Analysis
Overview and gather all information in any aspects to analyze and develop necessary insights and design criteria. We delicately putting significant amount of effort and time into this process and it requires a good collaboration from all the parties. We believe that the first step is the most important step and it will lead us to the right destination.
• Design Direction
Base on the significant insights and design criteria, we let our minds wander and develop design concepts and directions.
• Generating & Develop Idea
We take the best concept and develop the idea to make it practical and eco concern.
• Testing
We recheck our idea with evaluable methods, such as questionnaire, focus group, etc. to seek feedbacks and valuable insight from target audience.
• Refinement
We take all gathered insight to develop a solid final idea.
• Production & Prototype
We take the project to production or execution phase where we thoroughly carry out to guarantee a successful outcome.

Our Concern

Human center
Select and use
Reduce energy
Reduce Pollution
Packaging Design
Reduce size
Reduce weight
Simple assembly
Use local material
(Life-Cycle Assessment)